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Meet Stan..Never too old!


When I started this program I was very sick and not expected to live very long. However now that I have lost 220lbs my doctor has given me a clean bill of health and my energy level has gone through the roof. 

I feel like I am in my 20s again. 

I used to have a hard time just walking through a store to buy groceries and I had to plan carefully to get what I needed most before I got too tired to continue buying everything. 

Now I can hike in the mountains for miles without getting very tired. It is amazing what I can do instead of sitting on the sidelines watching others living. 

Now I am the one who is living and doing the things I want to do and it is so much fun!

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Aimee's Story


I’m so incredibly thankful I didn't roll into my favorite season looking like a pumpkin 🙌🏻🎃

I’m 33 years old and have two small kiddos who are 6 and 4 and they have more energy than anyone should be allowed to have. I couldn’t keep up, I hurt all over all the time and I found myself looking for excuses not to climb the stairs in our house to tuck them in at night. That’s not how I wanted to live anymore. Thankful for my coach, who shared with me about this program. I’m down 48 lbs and still working towards my ultimate goal of 60. I’m almost there! I feel amazing and I’m racing my kids up our stairs now.  They have to keep up with me now!

Seriously, y’all, if I can do this anyone can. 

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Tammy's Transformation


50 pounds and 65 inches! GONE!
Size 16 to a 6 !
I tried for 2-3 years to lose weight on various programs! I was involved in 13 fitness classes a week and still gained! I was so disheartened ! I even tried an all natural food plan in the spring prior to this for 8 weeks and lost ONLY 5 pounds ! 5! Uggh!
My son started on program prior to me and was down 30 pounds ! I asked for his coaches number! My life has changed ever since I said YESSS!
I have hypothyroid and HAD high blood pressure due to thyroid and HAD high cholesterol readings.
NOT anymore thanks to being a healthy weight! This program has changed my life ! I have kept it off and I feel alive, energetic, and ready to take on every  day!
My neurologist was so impressed with my results and the program that he is referring the program to his patients!
This outfit was to be a dress! I wore it as a shirt in picture one for Halloween a year ago! Today it’s a dress ! Yess!
Thyroid does NOT define me! I DO!

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Can you Relate with Bob?


I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I lost 80lbs on this program !
I started on this program thinking a diet mentality. I was taken off all high blood pressure meds in a short period of time. Little did I know that our program is far more than just diet. I continue to work on myself with personal development.
As you can see in my picture I am now living a more abundant life and enjoying the opportunity to help others do the same thing!

What if this could be your story ? Start now and don’t wait another day! Let us help you get there!

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Happy Horses!


I knew that I had gotten progressively bigger over the years, but had no idea how big until a lady I had just met asked me if I had ever considered gastric bypass!

I spent the next few years trying to lose on my own. I would lose a few and then gain back more than I had lost.

I decided to participate in a challenge where you take a wild mustang and train it for a competition. The mustang I drew was tiny, but had the most incredible personality. I really wanted to keep her after the competition, but knew that I had to lose weight.

Thanks to this amazing program, I have gained way more than I lost! I have increased happiness, confidence, energy, and best of all, I got to keep Hope, my mustang! That is the two of us together in the picture on the right! I am down 80 pounds and I think all of my horses appreciate it!

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Nursing mom success!


After having baby boy #3, I was the heaviest (and most unhappy) I had ever been! I NEVER lost weight while nursing, in fact, I typically gained weight that first year after my babies were born. This time, I reached out and went on the nursing mom program. Not only did I lose weight, I nursed LONGER than I did my other two babies! That showed me that this program is healthy and nutritionally sound for both of us. I went from size 14/16 to a size 6. My goal is a size 4 and for the first time in almost a decade, I KNOW I will not only make it, but keep this weight off for the rest of my life!!

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